Words from our director

Equipe Pédagogique Nationale (National Pedagogical Team) (EPN) 3 is composed of 50 professors – researchers and 27 administrative and technical staff. The teaching activities of our EPN, mainly focused on science and technology with spirit of interdisciplinary, have been ranging in various fields from Physics, Electronics, Automatic, Electro-technics, Instrumentation, to Radioprotection, Railway, and Transport.

Elèves en travaux pratique sur la transmission de signaux hautes fréquences, avec la professeure Catherine ALGANI. Our training programs in telecommunications, energy, optics, robotics, electronics, and sensors can be found and applied in many industrial sectors such as automobile, aeronautics, medicine…

Research and practical activities play a vital part in our teaching methodology as they are firmly linked with the advancement of technologies. We are managing around 12 well-equipped laboratories and workshops located in Cnam Paris and Cnam Landy.

We offer 65 diplomas and certifications, including 8 engineering courses outside working time, 12 engineering courses in apprenticeship, 5 professional degrees in apprenticeship, 3 professional degrees in evening classes, 3 Higher National Diplomas in Technology (DUT) outside working time and in apprenticeship, general bachelor's degrees, master degrees and 2 specialized master's degrees (Conférence des Grandes Ecoles).

International master degree

 In order to pursue your studies in a French engineering school, our two year training program taught in English is an excellent choice, as you can prepare a Master Degree in Engineering, in the area of Telecommunications and Networks and, at the same time, explore French culture and history and integrate into a multicultural learning environment.

Recognized by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, our diploma is awarded upon successful completion of a specialized study program. The Master Degree in Engineering, in Telecommunications and Networks, opens a way to a professional career in an intercultural context or to further education towards the PhD degree. If your university is our partner, your study with us will lead to a double degree.

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