The skill's objectives

  • The control and management of telecommunication projects and more precisely: the organization of network development or network exploitation to satisfy the needs of enterprise, the realization of the network’s projects specifications, the analysis of the principal offers from network manufacturers and operators, the coordination of suppliers and subcontractors interventions and the verification of the networks functioning.
  • The exploitation of networks: the organization of maintenance, the traffics follow-up and the networks evolution preparation, the commercial offers follow-up of suppliers and operators, the networks availability and reliability follow-up and the setting up of corrective actions as part of a quality approach.

Graduate's testimonials

WU Yang (cohort 2016 - 2018)

Analog Field Application Engineer at Texas Instruments

What I have learned in master's program in Telecommunications and Networks did give me a lot of help on experiment technicals, project management, cross-team work.

Yao RUI (cohort 2017 - 2018)

IT engineer of application operation and maintenance at China CITIC Bank

Our Master's courses in Telecommuncations and Networks are very useful. Especially, the network is vital for our daily system maintenance. I found that knowledge I've got from my Master's degree brought me many skills for my work.

KANG Cheng (cohort 2018 - 2020)

Overseas terminal products manager at R&D department for HONOR in Beijing

Honor belonged to Huawei before, but it became independent last year. Due to my previous internship experience as a test engineer in Huawei France, I successfully joined the Honor. My main responsibility is to ensure that the products meet the industry standards and operator standards, and improve the work efficiency of the whole team, namely shorten the time we get Technical Approval from operators. In my work, I need to have a interpretation of industry standards  such as CE, GCF, WEEE, FCC, etc. and have a basic understanding of hardware requirements such as SAR, OTA, RF, etc.  And the basic knowledge of these standards was learned during my postgraduate study with Cnam, Master's program in Telecommunications and Networks.