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The Master's program in Sciences, Technologies, Health, majoring Telecommunications and Networks of Cnam's department Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics (EEAP) is a two-year full-time program. Created in 2014, it trains students to become managers or project leaders in international telecommunications companies or in all sectors having a specific telecommunications department.

Learning outcomes

The Master's program in Telecommunications and Networks opens a way to a professional career in an intercultural context or to further education towards the PhD’s degree. This Master's program provides possibilities to start a career in line with the rapid changing world of computer networks and telecommunications.

In this prospect, the program offers courses in both high data rates communications and techniques of business networks. The courses in High date rates communications focus on technological bases of transmission and propagation, while the courses in Business networks focus on mastering the techniques of business networks: hardware architecture and broadband transmissions, network protocols, databases access and exchange of multimedia data, network engineering, distributed systems.

Diplôme national de Master controlé par l'état

ValidéAnalyze and compare technical offers of telecommunication networks

ValidéControl and manage telecommunication/ network projects

ValidéBe conscious of safety and economical intelligence issues

ValidéDevelop protocols and architectures of professional networks

ValidéOrganize network development and network exploitation

ValidéOrganize maintenance, traffics follow-up and networks evolution preparation

ValidéImplement digital processing algorithms

Future career opportunities

Graduated students are trained to take responsibilities as managers or chiefs in bi-cultural projects at international enterprise. The concerned enterprises might include those in telecommunications section (manufacturers, operators) or other areas having a specified department in telecommunications.

  • Analyst
  • Consultant
  • Manager/ Chief of project
  • Researcher
  • Telecommunications/ Network expert
  • Telecommunications/ Network engineer

4 excellent reasons to choose our Master’s degree in Telecommunications & Networks

With a deep understanding of the economic and social needs throughout all areas where it exists, Cnam programs are designed to facilitate access to qualifications and employment. Following Cnam’s Master programs, students will

1-un - rougeGet a teaching quality

Master Telecom and NetworksProfessors and associate professors are not only giving lectures but also keep doing research at laboratories to update advanced technologies. Our programs are accredited HCERES, all engineering degrees are awarded Cti and EUR-ACE labels. Le Cnam just got also the Qualiopi certification, the highest commitment to administrative management quality.

2-deux-rougeAcquire Strong anchorage with leading industrial or hi-tech companies

The EEAP department encourage our students to do their internships or research with Alstom, SNCF, GE, Thales, Renault etc. to which we collaborate and establish solid contacts with their experts to teach and organize joint conferences.

3-trois-rougeBe part of a strong international network

China, Korea, Lebanon, Morocco, Russia, Tunisia, Vietnam are among some countries we are developing our training courses as well as exchange programs.

4-quatre-rougeBenefit from Research and practical activities

The EEAP are managing 4 well-equipped laboratories: Cedric (Telecommunications and automatics), Esycom (Electronics, Communication system and Microsystem), LCM (Metrology) and Satie (Electrical systems). A new teaching studio is under construction with drones, electrical trains, autonomous vehicles, tracking cameras, high performed PC etc. This new studio is reserved specially for courses related to future transportation, and smart city including telecommunications and networks.

Beyond these major assets, this master's program offers students the following advantages

Master international

  • Eiffel scholarship for the best admitted students.
  • Opportunity to follow PhD’s program.
  • Courses fully taught in English.
  • French course offer at the same time enjoy your daily French-speaking environment in the heart of Paris.
  • Joint course with Sorbonne University.
  • Multicultural environment with international students from other international Master’s programs in Cnam.
  • Housing assistance with Crous

With the aim of international cooperation, this Master's program has been recruiting international students from around the world since 2019.

In 2022, it welcomed students from 12 different nationalities.

Let’s join us this year!