Training programs

Our degrees and certificates repond to the needs of world's industries and challenges of future's technologies with 60 diplomas and certificates including:

  • 8 engineering courses outside working time
  • 12 engineering courses in apprenticeship
  • 3 professional degrees in apprenticeship (in France and in Morocco)
  • 2 professional degrees in evening classes
  • 2 Higher National Diplomas in Technology (DUT) outside working time and in apprenticeship
  • 2 specialized Master's degrees
  • 1 specific training program for Competent Person in Radiation Protection (certificate valids for 5 years)

But also in the LMD system:

  • 4 General Bachelor's degrees in Automatics and Systems, in Electronics and Systems, in Intrumentation Metrology Quality, and in Radiation Protection
  • 3 Master's degrees in Business Networks, in High-speed Technologies, and in High frequency communication systems
  • 1 International Master's degree in Telecommunications and Networks (taught in English)
  • 3 PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering, in Lasers, Nanoscience and Metrology, and in Radio Communications.