A Master’s degree in Science, Technology, Health, specialized in Electronics, Electrical Energy and Automation, Communications Systems in a complex environment course offers a qualified training program dedicated to theories, concepts, and general tools in High frequencies. This dual accredited Master’s program in 2nd year with University Gustave Eiffel, has a special teaching team which combines University professors and Associate professors from Conservatoire national des Arts et Métiers (Cnam), University Gustave Eiffel (UGE), and Télécom SouthParis. Our teaching members coming from recognized research laboratories bring a truly added value to this master’s program.

Objective of the program

Master the concept of research in the field of communications based on radio links (wireless or guided) in the spectrum covering the radio to optical frequencies. This specialized master program focuses essentially on the physical and electronic aspects which involve in design, simulation, modeling and implementation of the systems.


Prospective candidate

1st year Master students and/ or Master 1 degree in Electronics, Electrical Energy and Automation, Applied Physics, Fundamental Physics with specialization in Electronics. Graduate students of Engineering Schools wishing to follow a specialization in research. Last year students from engineering schools on the recommendation of their institutions, would also follow this master’s program together with their initial training.


Acquired skills

Master the techniques in measurement of high frequency and optics, computational tools, the concept, and implementation of very high frequency communication systems.