Career opportunity

The International Master MRI02 provides possibilities to start a career in line with the changing world of computer networks and telecommunications (fix or mobile). The convergence of communication networks that carry either voice or data and images is now operating. The migration of 3G and 4G mobile systems toward full IP transmission is one example. Industrial and telecommunications networks, telecommunications network operators, enterprises of the internal and external computer networks are hiring those able to understand such systems in their entirety.

In this prospect, the program offers courses in both high data rates communications and techniques of business networks. The former focuses on technological bases of transmission and propagation, while the latter focuses on mastering the techniques of business networks: hardware architecture and broadband transmissions, network protocols, databases access and exchange of multimedia data, network engineering, distributed systems. Graduated students are trained to take responsibilities as managers or chefs in bi-cultural projects at international enterprise. The concerned enterprises might include those in telecommunications section (manufacturers, operators) or other areas having a specified department in telecommunications.